The New and Inspiring Documentary

That Will Guide You to Have The BEST Experiences

on Your Vacation to Sint Maarten/Saint Martin


Special message from the founder,

Marcus Ingemann


Dear friend,

Let me tell you that I’m really excited that you are here! You are on your way to experience a great vacation on the beautiful island of Sint Maarten / Saint Martin, and what you are about to see now will have a dramatic and positive impact on your trip!


But before I show you, let me ask you a question:


Have you ever had a vacation that was really fantastic? You know, one of those times when everything worked out perfectly and left you relaxed, revived and with exciting travel memories?


I’m sure you have, and I’m also sure that the main reasons for having such a great time was either that you knew before, or that someone told you about the best experiences and where to find them.


  • And that is *exactly* what this documentary will give you!


Look, I can’t promise you that your vacation in SXM will be fantastic just because you decide to watch the documentary. But what I can promise you is that I will give you my most sincere suggestions and recommendations about what to do on the island.


  • My goal is for you to have the BEST time here!


Just imagine to experience the capitals Phillipsburg and Marigot the way they deserve to be experienced. Imagine if you already knew about the beaches, and the most beautiful ones that you have to visit. Imagine if you knew about the main attractions and features of the island, and be able to set aside crucial time for them, so you don’t miss out on anything important.


When you watch “The BEST of SXM”, you will get to know the best of what the island has to offer. I will take you around on a guided tour and show you the things you simply have to experience here. You will have a great vacation on the island, simply because you got to know beforehand where all the best is at!


As I’m sure you are beginning to see now, is that this is not your ordinary documentary. I’m not just going to show you boring, unbiased and politically correct information. No, instead I will do my best to make you really inspired by showing you all the exciting stuff, and all the things that I believe will make you have the best vacation here!


After all, you are already spending a lot of money on your vacation. And you only have a limited and precious time to get away and relax. So don’t you think that you should get the information you need to make the best out of your time and money here?


I’m sure you do, and I would have wanted that myself too. And for the very low cost of “The BEST of SXM”, you can definitely afford to get that critical knowledge that will guide you to have a fantastic vacation here.


Now, let’s have some fun! This is your time to have a great vacation, filled with adventure, excitement and relaxation. So go ahead and enjoy the documentary, and have the best time on Sint Maarten / Saint Martin!


Have a great vacation!


Marcus Ingemann



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About Marcus Ingemann:

After living permanently on the island and exploring and experiencing the facets of Sint Maarten / Saint Martin, as well as working in the tourist industry, being a tour guide, and meeting tens of thousands of people who come here for vacation, Marcus realized that the most common question he got was: “Do you have a suggestion of what we should do tomorrow?”


Having substantial knowledge of the island, he decided to create a fun and inspiring documentary about Sint Maarten / Saint Martin, containing both island facts and useful information, as well as recommendations of the best things to do and experience while being on the island.


Disclaimer and Information


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